Skin Irritations in the Horse + Win a tub of ‘Itch-Free’ herbal blend

Many owners find Spring and Summer to be challenging times for managing horses with skin conditions. Joanne Wallace from Thompson & Redwood explains how herbs may assist in keeping irritated horses more comfortable. Read on for more information and the chance to win a tub of ‘Itch-Free’ herbal blend.

flies can cause skin irritations in horses

Skin irritations are a common ailment in horses, particularly around Spring and Summer time. As the insects start to hatch and plants release pollen that can cause allergies, horses will often develop skin conditions such as Hives and Sweet Itch (otherwise known as Queensland Itch). But what can be done to help keep our horses itch-free and happy during these months?

First off, it’s important to understand WHY your horse has developed skin irritations. This may not be a straightforward answer; often, it’s a combination of factors that can be difficult to isolate.  Whether it’s an allergic reaction to pollen and moulds, reactions to drugs, allergies to food, or a reaction to biting insects such as lice, midges and flies, there are many reasons that your horse may be itching, rubbing and uncomfortable.

As with many things, the best treatment for skin conditions is to eliminate the source of the problem. However, this is not always possible; perhaps the problem is coming from pollens in the air that simply can’t be avoided, or perhaps you are unable to find the source of the problem. Often, skin irritations like Sweet Itch can be initially caused when horses with sensitive skin experience some form of metabolic stress, which can then be further maintained and exasperated by residents (often fungal) if the immune system is not totally healthy.

One option for horses experiencing skin irritations is to feed a herbal based supplement to relieve the itch. For example the Dodson and Horrell ‘Itch-Free’ herbal blend can be useful in relieving or stopping the reaction and ‘itchiness’ associated with some skin conditions. Whilst it doesn’t stop the insects from biting, it can help keep your horse more comfortable whilst further investigation into the source of the issue. Of course, we would always advise specialist veterinary expertise in addition, particularly in more severe cases.

This supplement contains a carefully blended mix of herbs (including Chamomile, Nettle, Burdock root and Garlic Granules), and is ideal for horses prone to conditions like Sweet Itch. Designed by an expert herbalist to maintain skin and coat health, the dry blend is simply added to your horse’s feed.

More and more evidence is accumulating for the benefits that can be gained by using medicinal herbs. In this particular case, chamomile has long been renowned for its calming properties, as a digestive remedy and an anti-inflammatory. Nettle can help improve the integrity of the skin, whilst burdock root is thought to have an antibiotic effect. Garlic granules have been shown to support the immune and circulatory systems.

Thus, whilst skin irritations can be hard to treat and diagnose, particularly in the Spring and Summer months when there can be so many possibly causes, there are certain things we can do for our horses to keep them happy and comfortable. One is using herbal based supplements to improve immune function and skin health, as well as using trial and error to determine what the root cause of the irritation is (and consequently eliminate this, where possible).

The D&H Itch Free can be purchased at WA local stockfeed stores or online Australia wide at Thompson and Redwood.

Itch-Free may provide relief from biting insects

Is your horse suffering from a seasonal skin condition or an itch at the moment? For your chance to win one of two tubs of D&H Itch Free, leave us a comment below telling us why your horse could use some relief.

Competition details: Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person please. Closes on December 13 at midnight WST.








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31 comments on “Skin Irritations in the Horse + Win a tub of ‘Itch-Free’ herbal blend
  1. marieke van Essen says:

    My horse has been suffering from dermatitis caused by insect bites since last summer. The itch is driving him crazy. After numerous vet visits I’m hoping to find something that works to support him. I’d love to see the results of a good product and share my experiences with other owner’s of itchy horses.

    • Ovee the last couple of years my young warmblood has suffered with skin and gut irritation during the changing of the seasons. He recently had a terrible reaction to what i think was an insect bite which left his face and ears swollen…he had hives on shoulders and hips and the skin literally peeled off his head and ears…it would be great if this herbal mix helped

  2. Sarah guy says:

    I have several horses that the flies rive insane no matter how many rugs or how much spray I use.

  3. Justine says:

    My horse would love some itch free as he suffers from allergic reaction to flys

  4. Tara Cooper says:

    Last year 2 of my horses suffered badly from sweet itch. They came out in hives. Tried all sorts of things. I would like to prevent it this year if possible.

  5. Ruby says:

    My 3 year old warmblood filly & 10 year old mini have both destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of rugs despite being sprayed three times a day. We are in a mosquito and midgie infested area, I’m at my wits end! I would love to see if this will help my poor itchy darlings!

  6. Jessie Lloyd says:

    My yearling gelding has a horrible tendency to remove his flyveil and then sulk in a tree because the flies are so bad. Would love to see how this would take the edge off!

  7. Tammy Adams says:

    My pony would love to try Itch Free so she can go a few days in summer without a cotton on.

  8. Angela Delgiacco says:

    I have been using this product for over 6 months now on my itchy mare in SEQ and it is amazing!

  9. Bronwyn says:

    This is the first horse I have owned that suffers itch from flys and mosquitoes and I hate rugging her head to toe on these hot days just to keep her sain

  10. Tracy canterbury-walker says:

    My mare is long suffering would love to see if this can help her.

  11. Sue Whitton says:

    Summer is a nightmare. Have tried a few different chemical pour on products but would love to use something less chemically based. Full rugging and a supply of antihistamine is out usual summer option

  12. Meisha Kirby says:

    My poor warmblood has suffered from cronic itch caused from a fly allergy for the last three years. I would love to see if your product can help reduce his itching amd make him more comfortable.

  13. Paula Cranny says:

    I wiuld love to try D&H Itch Free for a pony that suffers badly, mostly over the summer. She is so irritated that it’s difficult to do anything with her over the summer. She is normally easy going with a good temperament but becomes aggressive and temperamental once her rash starts as the weather warms up.

  14. Paula Cranny says:

    Thank you!

  15. Caroline says:

    My horse suffers terribly throughout summer with bee stings or fly reactions. Using itch free has completely changed our worlds, no strsss anymore thank you very much

  16. Nicole Morrison says:

    My Quarter horse Jed is in desperate need of a cure to help the biting insects stay away from him. My poor boy is covered in welts around his stomach and legs and all he wants is me to scratch him all day to relive is itchiness

  17. Marcy Jurg says:

    Would love to give D&H itch free a try on my two little boys doesnt matter what I do the flies and the mozzies are driving them batty they are rugged and flyveils and still have welts from the insects

  18. Deborah Anne says:

    After years of neglect with her previous owner, my mums gorgeous new girl would benefit greatly from this wonderful product. ( and hopefully help convince owners of her neighbouring ponies as well). 😃💖🦄

  19. Catherine says:

    Oh yes please this would be fantastic. I have one mare who has started getting a bit of itch and another who’s come up in hives (I think from insect bites but unsure). would love some this to help prevent from getting worse.

  20. Jamie-lee says:

    My horse would love this as he is getting attacked by flies right now. If he has his rug on they get under and bite him and he comes out in swelling

  21. Amanda says:

    Entering Mozzie season and Flies are getting bad! Would love some of this to help my horses!

  22. Deanna holmes says:

    My horse attracts flies and gets eaten alive. Would love to offer him some relief when the lumps appear as they must be itchy.

  23. Helen says:

    My lovely Arab elvis gets itchy on his face and he rubs the hair off sometimes to the point of creating sores. It is hard to cover his face with a fly veil because I live in a high risk area for bush fires. It would great to try this product as I don’t have many alternatives

  24. Pamela says:

    My sisters horse has a skin itritation every summer. It’s so bad he rubs his fur off and his mane. Nothing seems to help. I would love to win this for him to help relieve his symptoms.

  25. Amy says:

    I have several horses here that have various reactions to mozzies, flies and who knows what else. I would love to try the itch free as I’ve heard so much about it and would love to see how each horse responds.

  26. Shiane Lea says:

    Would love to try the itch free out on my mare who seems to have allergies to the flies and rubs her face and neck raw

  27. Susannah McCallum says:

    This herbal blend sounds fantastic! My daughters recently acquired darling Highland Pony would greatly benefit I’m sure. He is so incredibly itchy after arriving from a hot climate. He scratches everything, my poor gate is now bent out of shape. It would make for one happy girl to have an itch free Pony.🐴

  28. Shane says:

    As we run a riding school the itch is a serious concern and does not look good on our horses

  29. Ashleigh says:

    My pinto gelding gets awful hives all over his brown patches this time of year and the poor boy has to have a cotton rug on everyday as a (somewhat) preventative. However having the rug on in 30+ degree weather makes him sweaty and probably just as itchy, causing him to rub his face which is creating sores and hair loss on his cheeks. It seems like a never ending cycle!

  30. L jones says:

    My pony was diagnosed with alopecia aurata 9years ago no known cure i cant understand why his hair grows back in winter he was a golden buckskin regrowth isburnt buckskin he is rug 24hours a day winter and summerhates flys would try any thing as he was 10 when I got him and with 3months on our property this started he is now 18

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