Horse Sale and Purchase Contract



The Sale & Purchase Contract sets out the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller. Some issues dealt with are purpose of purchase, transfer of ownership, declaration of vices, soundness, payment methods and dispute resolution.

It is a legally enforceable document, 4 pages in length, presented in a sealed pack with two identical originals marked Buyer’s / Seller’s copy, This is so each party can have a signed original and photocopying isn’t required. The final page is a Schedule for details of the transaction to be accurately listed under seven itemised headings.

Each State and Territory has its own edition. In the event of an interstate dispute requiring legal intervention, the edition used determines which State or Territory laws and courts have jurisdiction.

This Contract is an inexpensive and indispensable resource to add to the list of best practice when buying or selling your next horse.

We sell the Western Australian edition by default but are able to supply other states as requested.index_02

Price: $43.45 (includes postage & handling)

This information is an extract from the Horse Force Website


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