Horse Force Lease Contract



The Lease Contract sets out the rights and obligations of both the Lessor and the Lessee and provides for:

  • Disclosure of vices, injury or disease
  • Management of welfare issues relating to care, exercise, accommodation and veterinary fees
  • Limited liability of the Lessor (as far as legally possible)
  • Indemnity for costs and expenses of Lessor
  • Circumstaconces entitling termination of the lease
  • Progeny, prizes and registration
  • Mechanism for dispute resolution

There is an edition of the Lease Contract available for each State and Territory of Australia.

We supply the Western Australian edition by default but can supply other states as requested.index_02

This lease puts the arrangement on a proper legal footing, making it a viable and successful option for both parties.

Price: $43.45 (includes postage & handling)

This information is an extract from the Horse Force Website


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