Chilla Cooling Boots


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chilla11Chilla Boots, made in New Zealand, are now available here in Western Australia.

These boots are a great ‘cool down’ product post exercise.

Colour: Black

Size: Hack (fits most sizes)

Available as a pair. (Can be bought singularly – just contact us)



‘CHILLA (NZ) LTD has developed a freezable, rot resistant, reusable line of compression wraps. CHILLA cooling products provide fast effective relief from sprains, bruising, swelling and fatigue. Vertical channels allow fast transfer of cooling without dangerously restricting blood flow. The cooling crystals are within the wrap so there is no mess and they are easy to apply giving both pressure and cold to the affected area.

CHILLA is a remedial and preventative first aid treatment for tendon strains, knocks and swelling. It conveniently helps with the ‘ice’ and ‘compression’ of the R.I.C.E treatment. Secondly as a method of cooling down.

All CHILLA products can be micro-waved on med/low for 30 second intervals until required temperature is reached and used as a hot pack. Check temperature before use.’




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