Marketing Your Stallion: Five Fundamentals

By Sophie Barrington, Founder, Archer Creative

As breeding season begins, it’s time to review how you market your stallion. This means not only promoting your stallion during the peak of breeding season, but how you plan to market your stallion year round to keep him front of mind with mare owners. We’re sharing the five fundamentals of stallion marketing…

Archer Creative_Marketing Your Stallions - Five Fundamentals


Stallion Marketing | Five Fundamentals Tip#1: Quality images and video of your stallion are paramount to any successful advertising campaign. Mare owners are looking for quality stallions and it’s crucial that you nail that all important first impression. If you don’t have the equipment or know-how, hire a professional. You’ll be glad you did.

Stallion Marketing | Five Fundamentals Tip#2: Your stallion’s website and adverts are powerful marketing tools. Show off his career highlights, conformation and progeny with copy that converts. This starts by understanding your customer and tapping into their motivations to select a stallion like yours. Keep your website and adverts clean and professional.

Stallion Marketing | Five Fundamentals Tip#3: Do you want customers that rave about you, your stallion and your stud, and keep coming back to you year after year? Show them how much you care by staying in touch throughout the year. It might mean a phone call every few months to ask how their horses are growing or inviting them to subscribe to an e-newsletter so they can receive exclusive loyalty discounts.

Stallion Marketing | Five Fundamentals Tip #4: Want to set yourself apart from other studs? Promote your point of difference. Perhaps you offer a discount to returning customers or waive a fee that other studs charge for. Whatever it is, show how you’re different to your competitors by presenting it up front on your website and adverts.

Stallion Marketing | Five Fundamentals Tip#5: All good things start with a plan and a marketing plan is essential to your stallion’s success. Don’t make the mistake that other breeders make by only actively marketing during the peak of breeding season. Develop a plan to keep your stallion front of mind year-round. If you do that, you can expect to receive more enquiries and turn those into more sales for your stud.

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