Keeping Horses Safe, Calm and Comfortable in Confined Spaces

Regupol-Equine-Safety-Surfaces-wash-bayWhen horses are held in confined spaces such as stables, wash bays, veterinary hospitals or floats, they are at an increased risk of injury due to contact with surrounding surfaces. Horses have a tendency to kick out when feeling threatened or insecure, especially in environments such as wash bays.

Likewise, transportation floats are a completely unnatural environment for horses and can cause anxiety or erratic behaviour, which presents safety hazards to the animals and their owners. Horses can lose their footing on slippery surfaces; during vehicle braking or when the driver uses excessive speed on bends.


Installing adequate safety surfaces can go a long way towards minimizing the potential for injury during precarious situations. The exceptional slip-resistance properties of products such as “Regupol Aussie Gold” help to prevent ‘slip and fall’ accidents and can be applied to areas such as ramps, stable floors, walls and wash bays etc.

Regupol-Stable-Mats-2 - CopyCUSHIONING PROPERTIES

Hazards associated with manoeuvring horses through narrow passageways can be reduced by lining gates, doors and door frames with products that have excellent cushioning properties. “Aussie Gold” is ideal for this application.

Protecting horses from injury during bouts of colic is much easier if surrounding surfaces offer some form of cushioning. The ‘Regupol Stable Mat’ is an incredibly versatile product that horse owners can install in their stables.  DIY installation is extremely easy because the stable mats do not require adhesion to the floor surface and come in a manageable size of 1m x 1m. The mats are easily transferred as they can be lifted and placed into other environments such as floats and wash bays. Ease of installation (combined with excellent transferability) makes the stable mats an extremely economical method of improving horse safety.   The textured underside of the stable mats offers the advantage of effective drainage.

The hooves of unshod horses will not suffer or exhibit any signs of wear as a result of walking on Regupol surfaces. The cushioning and anti-fatigue properties ensure that hooves, joints and tendons are protected.


Regupol also offer interlocking pavers and elastic tiles with exceptional anti-slip properties that provide an excellent walking surface for areas such as breezeways, parade rings and horse walkers. Again, these products are ideal in both wet and dry conditions.


elastic-tile-350x306 regupol-interlocking-pavers


Due to their excellent shock absorbency properties, Regupol products are also ideal for equine hospitals. Regupol’s hygienic veterinary flooring offers a unique ‘floor and wall’ system designed to maximise the safety and comfort of animals in recovery rooms, x-ray rooms, surgeries and quarantine areas.


Vet-hospital-flooring-2CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE

Regupol surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Stables are easy to muck out and require less straw. Being extremely durable, frost resistant and moisture permeable (including water and urine), Regupol surfaces don’t rot and offer longevity of performance.


Other benefits include acoustic insulation, which helps to create a tranquil environment; and thermal insulation, which helps to regulate temperature. DIY installation is made even easier due to the fact that no sealing or wear layer is required.

Regupol products have been used and respected by the equine industry for over 25 years. To find out more contact ABS West.


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