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11As the warm Spring weather around the country allows for more riding time and ideal conditions to catch up on chores that may have built up around the property over winter, it makes sense to ensure that you’re using your time wisely and costs are managed as best as possible. As any horse owner knows, horse ownership is not cheap and there are certain aspects of horse
keeping where some simple measures can save you money and time, something that few of us have enough of these days! A number of readers share their tips in Kaye Meynell’s article Time To Ride, with practices and equipment that you may like to consider adopting into your own riding and horse keeping routines.

Spring brings those in coastal areas closer to the time of year when Queensland Itch can become a problem. The effects on horses suffering from this condition can be dramatic and, while it can’t be cured, there are steps that can be taken to help minimise the impact, starting with a correct diagnosis, as explained in Diagnose That Itch by Professor Ken Mason.

While many men read Hoofbeats, and especially The Green Horse, we know from our reader research that the majority of our readers are women. A t some stage or another, usually between the ages of 45 -50 , they will be facing menopause. Some of you may be all too familiar with the natural biological processes that the ‘change of life’ brings. The subject of menopause may not be one you’d associate with an equestrian magazine, however, it’s one we feel worth bringing up as millions of women seek relief from the symptoms with drugs containing oestrogen that’s been harvested from pregnant mares. If you’re not familiar with the production methods for a number of HRT drugs check out the article Premarin Mares to find out about the thousands of horses used in the manufacture of HRT drugs that are worth billions to pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

On the subject of women, we know that women around the country, and especially in Victoria, are heading in their thousands to Adult Riding Clubs, their popularity soaring in recent years
as their friendly and encouraging atmosphere appeal to those looking to enjoy their horses with like minded horse owners. If you’re used to spending time at Pony Club with the kids and would like to find out about the ‘adult’ version, The Growth of Adult Riding Clubs article by Wendy Elks may prompt a rethink of your weekend riding commitments!

Even though horses can naturally do flying changes on their own, once they have a rider on their back asking for them to change canter lead on demand the likelihood of a successful change comes down to timing and correct preparation. EA NCAS Level 2 Dressage Specialist Coach and Coach Educator Liz Tollarzo explains in her article how to make performing a flying change more achievable for all riders, explaining the prerequisites before attempting the movement, how to ask for it, problems within the change and some exercises to improve.

Ahead of his visit to Australia in November, FEI 5* Olympic dressage judge Stephen Clarke shares his advice with Michelle Parkyn for those looking to improve their training and maximise their dressage score. He gives his tips on improving your score when riding some of the most common dressage test movements including Centreline and Halt Entry; Medium/Lengthen Paces; Leg Yield; Free Walk and Walk Pirouettes.

Clear communication to create a stronger partnership and healthy biomechanics are the training goals of American dressage professional Karen Rohlf as she combines the principles of natural horsemanship with the art of dressage. She explains how she puts a strong focus on improving the ‘conversations’ she has with her horses, and how you can too.

Many horse owners are increasingly incorporating herbs into their horse’s health and nutritional regime as they seek the benefits of having the whole horse healthy. The Horse Herbalist Angela Davison explains how herbal medicine can support many health situations, including acute ones when the veterinarian’s work can be supported by herbal medicine and how the horse can reap the benefit of treatment that encompasses the expertise of vets, herbalists and complementary practitioners.

Keeping with the herbal approach Doug English explains the benefits of feeding Turmeric to your horse, a spice commonly found in most households and found to have beneficial results with a range of health conditions, and reader Bethanie Moore was amazed at the recovery of her client’s horse’s leg after using honey in her dressings when treating a nasty injury she suffered as a result of running through a wire netting fence in a storm.

Periodontal disease affects more horses than any other disease and, along with other dental problems, is a health issue that horse owners should gain a better understanding of to save their horse from the painful consequences that can arise as a result. Dr Shannon Lee discusses Gum Disease, which affects 70%$ of all horses, Sharp Enamel Points, Overgrown Teeth, a Tooth Fracture and Tooth Infection.

THE GREEN HORSE – your guide to sustainable horse keeping
With solar panels popping up on roofs all over the country, property owners are increasingly turing to solar power to run equipment on their property. In Solar Pumps for Horse Properties Liz Beavis explains how solar can be a good alternative to windmills, electric and fuel pumps; Liz Pye explains how to grow your own Turmeric; entomologist Dr David Cook advises How to Catch and Kill Stable Flies and as the weather warms up some common myths about snakes are busted!

111WA SHOW SCENE – Bumper Edition!

A HUGE 48 page issue, WA Show Scene, is focussed exclusively on the Western Australian equestrian scene. It’s included FREE in Hoofbeats and this edition includes the following events: Wooroloo 3DE, WAQHA Winter B Series, Gosnells Masters, Winter Woolies, Stallion Parade, York Ag Show, Endurance State Championships, EWA Show Horse of the Year, SRSJ Championships, Spring Dressage Showcase, Twin Pines Polocrosse, Magenup Fun One Day Event plus features on Barrabadeen Stud, Hay versus Teeth by Dr Martin Dolinschek and a profile on well known competitor and Clerk of the Course at Belmont, Ascot and Lark Hill Training Track Linda Brenzi.

Perth Royal Show
A familiar sight at the Perth Royal for the past 37 years, Sandy Hannan and Hoofbeats photographers were out taking plenty of photos at the Royal all week. You can view a selection of photos on the WA Show Scene facebook page and now view and buy photos from the WA Show Scene website, www.washowscene.com.au. With photos and the special Hoofbeats photo montages making terrific Christmas gifts, be sure to get your order in now.

Other new WA events now on the WA Show Scene website include the WA Palomino Association’s Pre Royal Show and EWA Horse of the Year.

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