Hoofbeats October/November 2016

Well, after a four year wait the Rio Olympics and Paralympics have come and gone. The time difference between Australia and Rio resulted in plenty of late nights, but it was well worth it to watch the Olympic disciplines and the Aussies take home the bronze in the Team Eventing. There’s a wrap up of the Australians in action in Rio in this issue.

There’s no doubt Charlotte Dujardin was one of the stars in Rio, riding an amazing test on the incredible Valegro  to win gold in the individual dressage and lifting the British team into second place with her score in the Grand Prix special. She’s pictured on this issue’s front cover while presenting at Equitana Melbourne in 2014. Charlotte is coached by Carl Hester and theirs is a partnership that has been incredibly successful.  The  relationship that can develop between coach and rider is one that can be likened to a marriage, but what happens when that relationship breaks down? Harriet Leahy speaks to a number of coaches, including Olympic gold and silver medallist Harry Boldt, and riders about separating from your coach.

Separating from your coach

Separating from your coach

Proving that age is no barrier when it comes to riding, eighty year old Andrè Newman has been riding since she was seven and sees no reason to give up on her favourite activity. Still the holder of the high jumping record at the Hobart Royal Show, Andrè  explains her background with horses and current routines with her riding and horse keeping to Wendy Elks.

Horsemanship practitioner Tanja Kraus points out that sometimes the basics of general handling and manners on the ground can be overlooked by some riders who are keen to get going under saddle. In Horsemanship for Performance she explains that ground handling can help with respect, response to aids, suppling the horse and can be a foundation for a supple, responsive, willing riding horse that is ready to go on with any discipline-specific training. Tanja covers Park, Lateral Bend, Giving to a Feel, Give to a Suggestion, Yo-Yo, Circling, Short Range Active Circles, Long Range Inactive and Active, Sideways and  Squeeze in her selection of ground exercises that can be done before mounting.

Horsemanship for performance

Horsemanship for performance

Dr Jennifer Stewart addressed Insulin Resistance, a condition similar to type 2 diabetes in humans, in the August/September issue. She now covers the prevention and treatment of this condition, explaining what is involved in managing the IR horse, how diet and exercise are key areas to take into consideration, and stresses that owners need to recognise when their horse is a healthy weight.

Focussing on the front third section of the saddle, Dr Ian Bidstrup continues the series on saddle design and function by examining the section of the saddle that can have a considerable bearing on the horse’s comfort and performance in The Underbelly of Saddle Design. Where riders sit – the front of the saddle – is one of the most important when it comes to the saddle comfort for the horse and rider. Dr Bidstrup article also  runs through the pros and cons of a range of saddle design features.

The Horse Herbalist’s Angela Davison explains why incorporating stretching exercises into your horse’s routine can have a positive impact on their performance and reduce the risk of injuries.  In the article Why Stretch? she shows how you can introduce some stretches to improve your horse’s suppleness and elasticity, and add them to your cool down process.

Pelleted feeds are very convenient to feed and store, benefits many look for when choosing their horse’s feed. Equine nutritionist Erika Gough’s article What’s in the Bag? explains why it’s important to read the feed bag’s label to know the ingredients you’re feeding and considers if a less processed option  could not only be beneficial for your horse, but save you money too.

Whilst summer may still seem quite some way off, it’s not too soon to start considering how you will protect your horse from the risks associated with Sunburn.  Kaye Meynell addresses what owners can do to  protect their horses, what happens when horses do get sunburnt, how it can be treated, which horses are most at risk and speaks to  owners of horses who are susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun.

A  new report indicating the impact of breasts on female horse  riders will come as no surprise to many riders, all too aware that the discomfort and pain from bouncing breasts while riding is affecting their performance. Wendy Elks considers the research and runs through the latest on the bounce factor, breast pain and bras for horse riders in Riding Induced Breast Pain.

Riding induced breast pain

Riding induced breast pain

Hoofbeats reader Marg Tonkin was reassured by her farrier that the crumbly appearance of her horse’s hoof was nothing to be overly concerned about, after all he was the farrier and had a qualification with a farrier’s association so she valued his opinion. She was left reeling however when she discovered the seriousness of the situation when the farrier advised by SMS to get the horse’s hoof x-rayed and the vet gave her the news that her horse had a serous case of Seedy  Toe and a significant recovery period lay ahead.  A naturopathic approach to Seedy Toe accompanies this Reader’s Story thanks to Catherine Bird and Country Park Herbs. This can help the horse’s health from within and the tissues affected by the condition, leaving the horse better prepared for the recovery period.

In this issue Australian equestrian journalist Sarah Warne, who is based in Portugal,  explains that there are aspects of riding that every rider will typically face sometimes during their riding. In Living with Fear, Developing Confidence she questions how do riders combat the mental challenge of fear and allow themselves to relax in the saddle, even though the rider’s mind is wanting to be on guard.

Inside the Green Horse

There were a few ‘road bumps’ in production this issue with The Green Horse so you will see it is a little smaller than normal. Reduced to four pages this issue it will be back to the usual  eight  pages in the December/January edition. This issue’s articles include Snake Training for Dogs;  Hot Topics in Feed Production including genetically modified, organic, herbicide use, land clearing and  hay freezing; and Natural Mosquito Control.

This issue’s WA Show Scene is a bumper 48 page issue with the following events featured: 

EA WA Horse of the Year

Wooroloo 3DE

Swan River Showjumping Championships

Gosnells Masters

WA Endurance Championships

WA State Archery Championships

Double Shot Show

Dowerin Field Day

Masters Dressage Final

Henty Winter Dressage Championships

PCA International Tetrathalon

Leon Baker Dressage Championships

Murray Districts Carriage Driving Club – 3 Phase Driving

Connemara Pony Feature Show


Profiles – Keralyn Frazer, Penny Hill  Park, Russell Williams, Poseidon Moon

Riders Over East – Leon Carroll

Riders Overseas – Sonja Johnson


For more event coverage across WA and Hoofbeats 2016 PERTH ROYAL SHOW PHOTOS visit the WA Show Scene website http://www.washowscene.com.au/

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