Hoofbeats Magazine: December/January 2017

Hoofbeats December

The pages of Hoofbeats have over the years been filled with tales from readers and vets about horses’ various injuries, and the treatment options taken. The new December/January edition is no different, with Yvette Colomb’s 17 year old Thoroughbred Cleo presenting with the skin on one front leg found ‘slipped’ down to the knee, like a carelessly pushed down stocking. Yvette shares the story of Cleo’s injury and lengthy rehabilitation in DEGLOVING – A Challenging Injury.

What’s been featured less often in Hoofbeats over the years are stories of riders’ injuries. Horse people do tend to take better care of their horses than themselves at times, but industry professionals suggest that ultimately caring for your body will influence your riding use-by-date, the quality of riding and the way your horse goes. In JOINT INJURY for the Horse Rider Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Greg Hogan’s explains that his patients are often horse riders suffering from a range of injuries, and the rehabilitation process that can required. A number of riders share their experiences with injuries along with health professionals with backgrounds in physiotherapy and sports psychology. Tips for helping with the physical demands of riding, especially after a spell from riding, when feeling stiff and sore can be the result, are also included in the article BACK IN THE SADDLE.

Ian Smith

This edition’s front cover features Australian rider Ian Smith and Dutch breeder Emmy de Jeu. In AN UNLIKELY PAIR they share how their paths crossed in Australia,  the pair now working together in Holland at Emmy’s de Jeu Stables with a mutually beneficial relationship that’s seen this young hard working Australian dressage rider make the most of the opportunities he’s  been given.

Well known across the country for her lessons and clinics helping women riders regain their confidence, Sandi Simons explains in DEMYSTIFYING RIDING POSTURE AND BALANCE how posture plays a huge role in how someone rides and how stable their balance is. She highlights that a rider’s safety, rhythm and their ability to give clear and appropriate aids are all affected by their posture and balance.

mountain trail challenge

Growing in popularity Down Under is a new sport that can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and with horses of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Whilst MOUNTAIN TRAIL CHALLENGE is competition based, the new venues opening up in a number of states have proven to be fun and popular spots for riders to test their skills and have a fun day out, and those taking the plunge into the competition have found it to be an intriguing and exciting event with a laid back and encouraging atmosphere. With the first Australian International Mountain Trail Challenge coming up in March 2018 no doubt this growing sport will attract many new participants as word spreads about its appeal.

On the nutritional side of things, this issue includes MAGNESIUM – The Mineral Superhero by Dr Jennifer Stuart who explains how new research on horses has demonstrated that some of the observations and anecdotes in the horse world hold up to scientific study. Other topics addressed include COPPER AND ZINC – It’s all about balance, and WHAT ARE TISSUE SALTS.

Following on from the articles in the previous two editions on floating and towing, the focus this time is on HORSE MOVERS – THE PROS for those owners that would rather leave the transport of their horses long distance to the professionals. Experts share what should be considered before booking your horse onto a carrier and their advice to owners to help prepare their horse for long distance travelling in the weeks prior to the trip.

Dr Meredith Flash turns her attention to a number of accusations that are often levelled at the racing industry in HORSE RACING MYTHS BUSTED. She addresses the arguments most often used to criticise the treatment of race horses, including that most retiring racehorses and unraced horses are slaughtered, and that training and racing of two year old racehorses is detrimental to their health and longevity.

Veterinary science has adopted many of the techniques used in human medicine to improve patient outcomes, with horses now the beneficiaries. Many surgical procedures that  used to require anaesthetic, and often an ugly lengthy incision can now be done by key hole surgery. In MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY Dr Max Hall explains the procedures that have resulted in higher success rates, quicker recovery times, improved cosmetics and in some circumstances less costs to owners.

The Show Preparation Series turns its attention to enhancing a horse’s face with make up;  professional turn out specialist Nicole Groves explaining in Face Make Up – a Step by Step Guide to applying make-up for the show ring how to highlight the horse’s features.

In The Green Horse this edition articles to help in the quest for sustainable land management with horses include Firebreaks and Fencing,  Carbon Stocks, Vegetation Sinks and Biodiversity, Fruit and Vegetables for Horses, Using Technology to Protect Horses from Insects and in My Place, the Liston family from Eddington, Victoria share how they have transformed their 1300 acre property Three Bridges Thoroughbreds into a spectacular environment for their thriving horse stud.

Plus, in WA Show Scene – yours FREE in Hoofbeats in Western Australia:

Perth Royal Show Feature – Packed with photos and stories from this year’s event.

Perth Royal Show Equestrian 2017

Showjumping at Yalambi

Gosnells Spring Spectacular

State Showjumping Championships

Young Dressage Horse and Pony

SHCWA Horse of the Year Pictorial

Western Double Judge Show

SRHT Capel Event

Plus check out the NEW Adult Riders feature – find out why  Adult Riders  is so popular and a Club Near you!

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