Hoofbeats Magazine August/September 2016

Hoofbeats MagazineJust days after this issue’s publication the world’s largest sporting event will be kicking off in Rio de Janeiro. Gone are the days when being glued to the tv was the only way to watch the irregular coverage of the Olympic equestrian events. With multiple digital options for coverage, plus updates on facebook pages and twitter, keeping up to date with the Aussie riders and horses will be easier than ever, despite the fact that Rio is 13 hours ahead of Australia (AEST). We wish the Australian equestrian teams the very best of luck and know they will do us proud.


There’s no denying the convenience of online shopping, however it’s becoming evident that some equestrian bricks and mortar retailers are feeling the pinch. There are many advantages to touching goods in person, ensuring their suitability and quality, however the trend of checking-out products in stores, and then buying on-line, is increasing store overheads without the sales to back this up. Whilst it could save shoppers a few dollars, they may need to consider that the trend could see the end of many saddlery stores, leaving horse owners with no options of popping into the local retailer for those urgent items or knowledgeable advice.

It’s not just retailers facing technology changes, publishers are also coming to grips with the fact that readers are accessing news from on-line sources. Many main-stream newspapers and magazines are closing or changing their format, the latest in the Australian equestrian world being Perth Rider magazine closing and The Horse Magazine going digital with no printed magazine after their August issue.

Hoofbeats readers have the option reading the magazine on-line  with the App, or in print and have shown they still want to read features and general interest articles to inform and entertain in both print and online, and read items of interest via social media and our monthly e-news  – sign up with an email to enquiries@hoofbeats.com.au if you haven’t already.

As horse owners juggle the demands of employment, horse keeping, competing, family, housekeeping, and the myriad of other activities people fit into their busy lives, we hope that for years to come, the desire to escape from the constant emails, texts, posts and screens that fill our lives, will see you continuing to sit down for some relaxing ‘me time’ with a copy of a magazine in your hands… and that the magazine you are reading will be a copy of Hoofbeats.

Featured in the August/September issue are a wide range of topics  including a profile on young Australian rider Evie Buller, a talented young showjumper making her mark on the European circuit from her base in Belgium. Evie explains her journey from eager youngster convincing her dad to buy her a pony at age eight, to moving to Europe with her talented horse Yalambi’s Landor in 2013.

Dr Jennifer Stewart explains in Insulin Resistance that horses of all ages that are fat can become insulin resistant, which is similar to type 2 diabetes in humans. Linked to several diseases and a growing problem as horses show increasing signs of obesity, there is a huge range of signs and symptoms of IR and a simple, reliable method of diagnosis is still not available.

As equine obesity levels rise it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain a diet and exercise regime to avoid risks from associated health problems. In Exercise for Weight Loss Kaye Meynell runs through strategies that owners can consider for maintaining an appropriate diet and exercise regime for their horse.

Riding enthusiasts in remote areas face unique challenges when they band together to form clubs that encourage and support their members’ interests, skills and camaraderie. Wendy Elks discovers some of the  challenges faced by rural riders based in isolated and outback locations in the article Remote Riding Clubs. Riders from clubs located in the King and Flinders Islands, Normanton, Broome and Gunnedah share what it’s like in their tight knit equestrian communities.

Have you ever considered how your horse’s hooves touch the ground when they move? Farrier Pete Ramey explains that when a horse is horse is at a walk on flat terrain, each foot should impact the ground either flat (parallel with the ground), or slightly heel-first. At any faster gait, the hooves should impact heel-first, and then the toe should roll onto the ground after the initial impact. If a horse impacts toe first all or most of the time, damage can be done and the horse’s usable life can be shortened, as addressed in the article Toe or Heel First.

With a huge range to choose from you would think that buying a saddle to suit your horse and requirements would be a straight forward process. Not so, explains Dr Bidstrup in Fashion and Function of your Saddle, with a

number of factors affecting how a saddle will fit at the time of purchase and after use. This is the first article in a series aimed at helping riders better understand saddle design and saddle fashion involving the underside of the saddle – the tree and panels in particular.

Often associated with aged horses, a swayback can also be the result of the fairly rare condition, congenital lordosis, as Hoofbeats  reader  Alyssa Knee discovered with her Warmblood gelding. One of the difficulties facing owners of affected horses is fitting a saddle due to their unusual shape.

Lucy Williams is an instructor that aims to inspire riders with knowledge and understanding, leading to confidence and the desire to continue to learn. In her article Training Tips – Transitions she explains how a rider’s position can affect a horse during transitions, and why it is important to manage and strengthen the body to help your riding and match the power of the horse.

Why is My Horse Grumpy? It’s a question many owners have asked themselves at some time or other.  A number of equine body workers share their experiences dealing with grumpy horses with writer Felicity Wischer, and the behaviour and the issues commonly behind it.

Once your horse is started with a trainer, moving forward with their under-saddle career at home is an exciting time. On the eve of their Australian Tour, John Lyons and David Simons share their top five tips for continuing your horse’s ridden education once it returns home from the trainers.

Reader Helen Adams embarked on an educational vacation when she booked in to a Parelli Course in Costa Rica, experiencing riding with a difference in this beautiful Central American country.

There is a vast difference between a firm and effective rider and a firm and forceful rider, with the difference being in the art of letting go. Knowing when to release the pressure, soften the reins, relax the legs… and

having the art of knowing when to say… thank you is explained by equestrian journalist Sarah Warne in The Art of Reward.

Damage Control for the Equine Penis by Dr Allan Gunn and Dr John Chopin explains  that while it’s not common for a male horse to have a life threatening problem with their penis, when an injury or damage to the area does occur, prompt treatment should be sought.

Inside The Green Horse are articles on Mouldy Hay, The Cold Season by the Horse Herbalist Angela Davison, Part 2 of Arena Dust – Managing arena dust toxicity and Wash Bay Design – a property improvement that can save time for the busy equestrian.

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Events featured in this issue include:  The Debutantes Show, PCAWA SJ Championships , Western Dressage Gala, Capel Endurance, Busselton Winter SJ Festival, Winter Woolies Hack and Hunter Championships, Western Dressage Gala, Young Horse SJ Championships, Riders Over East and the Dowerin Field Day Event Schedule, to name just a few.

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