Hoofbeats December/January 2015

While the Christmas period can be a time of stress for some and with recent tragic events in Paris and reminders of troubles around the world, it’s good to know research has indicated that time spent Hoofbeats with horses can have a positive effects on our social, emotional and mental well being and lower stress levels. Canadian researchers discovered earlier this year that the physical and emotional aspects of caring for a horse—and the relationships that form as a result of that care— are highly beneficial to not only the owners, but also to the horses. So, while owning a horse requires a considerable commitment, both in time and money, reflect on the many benefits as you gift wrap a bag of carrots for under the Christmas tree this holiday season.

2016 Foal Brag Competition
This popular annual competition is back with great prizes from sponsor Kentucky Equine Research and a chance to have your foal on the FRONT COVER of Hoofbeats!

There are three categories for prizes : Australia’s Cutest Foal, the Best Foal Photo and KER’s Best Foal Pick. Head to http://www.hoofbeats.com.au/ for full entry details and keep your camera handy for your foal photos!

Sarah Warne, the young Australian rider pictured on the front cover of this edition, has tackled the depression she’d battled for years with a life changing trip to Europe to follow her dreams. Her inspiring tale, Sarah Warne – the Portugese connection, is one that may prompt a few to reconsider their own life choices as they ponder new year’s resolutions and goals for 2016. In the six years she’s been in Europe Sarah has ridden hundreds of horses, competed internationally and is enjoying time living in Portugal with her dream horse, the Lusitano gelding Batialo.

Bandaging wounds
Cleaning and dressing a wound is something that all horse owners should know how to do, ideally before the skills are needed to ensure the best possible outcome after an injury has occurred. Kaye Meynell explains what you need to know including assessing the wound, cleaning it, preventing swelling, determining when a dressing is required and how to apply it.

Flying Changes for Dummies
Following on from part 1 in the October/November issue, which explained the footfalls of the canter and the prerequisites before attempting flying changes, in part 2 Liz Tollarzo runs through a number of exercises that can help the rider in their training, and what can be done when things don’t necessarily go to plan.

WA Show SceneWorking Equitation
Combine classical dressage with a mounted obstacle course, a speed phase and maybe even some team penning, and you’re getting close to describing working horse equitation, a sport that is relatively new to Australia and is based on traditional methods of training ranch horses in Southern Europe, Mexico and Brazil. With a number of groups working together to crate a national body to become part of the international federation, which will allow for interstate competition and Australian riders to take part in international competitions, Wendy Elks finds out why Working Equitation is booming down under!

Scarlett’s Journey- a reader’s story
Despite breeding horses for a number of years reader Deane Gavin was not prepared for the challenges ahead when her mare Fantasy had a red bag delivery during the foaling of her filly Scarlett. With many obstacles, like blocked feeding tubes and diarrhoea, little Scarlett has a spark for life and has fought through it all!

Laterality and the Crooked Horse
Laterality has the potential to significantly affect a horse’s biomechanics and locomotion, and over time can lead to problems with soundness. Prominent veterinarian Dr Kerry Ridgeway, a lecturer in both Integrative and Conventional Veterinary Medicine with a strong background in Equine Sports Medicine and Postural Rehabilitation therapies, explains Straightness Training with Kaye Meynell.

Murray Valley Encephalitis
Occurring naturally in Australia, Murray Valley encephalitis is a rare but deadly disease that can affect horses and humans. Though much is still unknown, a recent clinical study on an infected Stockhorse filly provided a new insight. Wendy Elks reports with Dr Anita Baron on this infection and the preventative measures that should be in place on horse properties to reduce exposure to mosquitoes.

Tape It! Kinesiology taping for Horses and Riders
Musculoskeletal injuries in horses and riders are a common cause of days lost from training each year. Kinesiology tape has been shown to improve a person or animal’s unconscious sense of their own position and movement, and findings suggest the wearing of tape may alleviate the risk of injury in fatigued athletes.

Tools for Stress-free Show Preparation
Nicole Viney from the Vineyard Performance Team explains that planning for a show or event should begin at home weeks beforehand for a stress free, polished look. She runs through the timeframe she allows for ridden and in hand classes with plenty of tips so on the day you’re prepared and can enjoy it!

Behind the Brand – Pat and Linda Parelli
While they are well known and highly regarded for their natural horsemanship, Pat and Linda Parelli’s audience is broadening, with an increasing number of competitive riders joining their
supporters, including many well known international riders and coaches. Tracy Weaver-Sayer considers what’s behind this shift in perceptions after thousands recently watched the pair in action during the 2015 Parelli Australian Tour.

Please Explain
There are many aspects of riding and horse practices that are taught, or accepted in the equestrian community, without the reasons or history behind them being fully understood by everyone. Topics addressed this issue include Anthropomorphism and can it be a problem if we do it to our horses; how to fit a child’s body protector; Vicky Roycroft explains when to use a two or there point position when show jumping and should you soak your horse’s hay is explained by Associate Professor Krishona Martinson from the University of Minnesota.

THE GREEN HORSE – your guide to sustainable horse keeping
With summer now upon us there’s plenty to do around the property and being prepared for a bushfire needs to be a priority. There’s some tips in this issue along with articles on Recycled Garden Bales – repurposing old hay or straw bales for raised garden beds, Weed Watch – Creeping Indigo, Dung Beetles for pasture productivity and manure management, a Reader’s Story – Mulch, Recycling Lawn Corings, Herbal Hoof Care and why Getting Dirty Can Be Healthy!

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WA Show Scene

A bumper 32 page issue, WA Show Scene is focussed exclusively on the Western Australian equestrian scene. It’s included FREE in Hoofbeats and this edition includes the following events:

The Perth Royal Show! There’s plenty of coverage and photos in this special 8 page feature.

Dressage Masters Series; WASHC Horse Of The Year; Show jumping – Patron’s Cup, Taminga Jump Club Championships, World Cup; Riders Over East – National Pony Club Championships, National Dressage Championships, Trans Tasman; Arabian Championships and the Veteran Horse Show.

Look out for the special Young Horse Feature! What well known competitors say about buying a young horse or a school master! Don’t Miss It!

Check out http://www.washowscene.com.au/ for even more show coverage!

New events now online and FREE to read include: WA QH Championships, Pat and Linda Parelli Tour at the State Equestrian Centre, Adult Riders Day, NRM WA Miniature Feature Show, Bram Chardon Clinic, Southside Jumping Championships, Archery Championships and the Masters of Dressage Clinic.

AS 2015 draws to a close we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers, contributors and advertisers a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. We look forward to bringing you more of what you’d like to read in the magazine in 2016 and welcome your feedback and ideas for articles on our facebook page.
The Hoofbeats Team

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