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Foal-Brag-Lead-IN-Page-AM16-smIt was not an easy job…but someone had to do it!! Narrowing down the selection of photos from the Hoofbeats annual Foal Brag competition to include in the magazine is always a challenge as there are just so many lovely photos. This year proved particularly tough with the office deliberating over the Cutest Foal and Best Foal Photos, and competition sponsor Kentucky Equine Research staff also considering their choice from the many photos received. You can see the winning entry photos in the magazine and then head to our Facebook page to ‘Like’ your favourite for the Reader’s Choice prize.One random ‘liker’ will also win a year’s subscription to Hoofbeats. Hurry, this closes at the end of April so head to https://www.facebook.com/hbmagandgreenhorse  now.

For the first time in the Foal Brag competition we decided that one of the entrant’s photos would go on the cover, and narrowing the choice down was also VERY hard. In the end it was Rebecca Hogan’s foal New-Moon Leopold, the photo taken by  photographer Sue Crockett, who was chosen to grace the magazine’s cover.  This Trakehner colt is from Laila, a mare imported into Australia to start the first breeding program for the Shagya-Araber, which is an integral part of the Trakehner breed. The sire is Widgee Park Total Eclipse (Trakehner).

Perhaps one of the foals entered this year will be a star of the future. It’s quite possible, with Australian horse breeders producing some very talented horses and, as the countdown to the Olympics in Rio this August gains momentum, who knows what the future will bring. With key selection dates deciding which Australians will be competing in the equestrian disciplines rapidly approaching, Sharon Jarvis is aiming for a place on the Para-equestrian team for the Paralympics, which follow the Games in Rio. Preparing with her coach Rozzie Ryan, Hoofbeats was there to watch one of their training sessions in February as everything comes together for their selection event in April. We’ll let you know how Sharon goes on our Facebook page along with other selection news as it comes to hand.

Inside the Hoofbeats April/May 2016  issueHi-res-cover-nat--AM16sm



Eventing riders at the top of their sport are often riding horses that are not their own, with a number of dedicated event horse owners utilising the service of riders to ensure their horse’s reach their full potential. Riders benefit from the arrangement too, and several including Olympian Gil Rolten OAM and Karen Tinney, wife of Olympian Stuart Tinney, share their experiences with Harriet Leahy in what’s becoming a more common practice at the higher levels. Owners John Glenn and Julia Mclean, Felicity Wischer, Jade Findlay and Nikki Harwood (Brooks) also share their experiences as owners of very successful eventing horses.


An abnormal behaviour unique to domestic and wild captive horses, cribbing affects up to 10% of horses and can be an indicator of past or present poor animal welfare. Sarah Kuyken, a current PhD candidate with the University of Melbourne, discusses the current thinking of crib-biting with Hoofbeats writer Kaye Meynell and how  it can be managed.


Using his affiliative leadership method, Queensland horseman John Chatterton recently worked with a small herd of rescued wild horses that are destined for an equine guided facility for people suffering from illness and injury.


It’s rare for a horse to have blue eyes and there are a number of myths surrounding the behaviour and health of those that do explains Kit Prendergast. Readers with blue-eyed horses share their experiences as Kit addresses the Biological basis and link to coat colour; are blue-eyed horses more prone to eye disease?; the increased risk of hearing problems and breeding blue-eyed horses.

SHARON JARVIS and coach Rozzie Ryan

With only a few months until this year’s Olympics, and the final selection event in May, Para-equestrian Sharon and her coach Rozzie are getting closer to the goal of representing Australia in Rio. Hoofbeats attended one of Sharon’s  training sessions with Rozzie to see what they were working on in the lead up to the final selection event in Sydney in April.

TENSION – of the horse and rider

Riders regularly consider, and work on, their horse’s level of fitness, however it’s equally important for the rider to maintain a good level of fitness and symmetry so as not to impact negatively on the horse. Kaye Meynell  explains why riders need to be aware of, and address, their areas of  tension and asymmetry in order for their horse to perform at their best.

NICHOLAS FYFFE – the business of dressage

Born into a horse racing family and growing up around horses, Nicholas is based in Wellington, Florida USA, where a small group of Australian dressage riders are riding and training.  With two horses ready for international Grand Prix level, he is making his mark in international competition and in business with the training facility Marcus Fyffe Dressage he owns and runs with his partner, Canadian Olympian David Marcus.


When a male horse’s testicles fail to descend normally from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum, the horse is referred to as a rig and a more specialised procedure, laparoscopic castration,  is required rather than a commonly performed castration. Dr Maxwell Hall explains the benefit of the technique.


What is Balance? considers Sarah Warne before explaining what it means when talking of having the horse in balance, and how to achieve it as a number of factors can affect a horse’s balance.  There’s a number of exercises useful for the rider to help the horse maintain a natural point of balance.


Reducing the risk of spreading disease is an important consideration for all horse owners and best contemplated before it’s too late. Dr Jennifer Stewart focuses on infectious diseases including Streptococcus equi, Salmonella, Equine Influenza and Hendra virus; the spread of diseases, parasite control and management.

In regular features this issue

Please Explain – When is a horse fully grown?, What is the white line in a Hoof?, Which is better – freeze or hot branding? And Dr John Kohnke explains what the term Legging Up means.

Inside The Green Horse

Bore Bacteria – property owners need to be aware that bores can build up bacteria and need conditioning to maintain them in good order.

Aloe Vera – uses, application, topical treatment, cultivation, harvesting and how to make an aloe bandage.

How to get White Socks without harming the environment or the horse.

Research on hay nets – The effect on hay net design on the rate and amount of forage consumed by adult horses.


Cover-AM-16-WASS-LRsmInside WA Show Scene – Yours Free in Hoofbeats!

Featured in this 28 page issue

Paint Horse Championships



PDC Young Horse Dressage

WILGA Endurance Ride

WABA Shades of Summer Show

Summer Solstice Dressage

Dryandra Tetrathalon

PCAWA Hills Zone Open Day

Perth Regional Appaloosa Club State Championship photos


Clinics – PCWA State Coaching School, WAERA Endurance, Working Equitation, David Shoobridge.

Profile – Jenna Hall

Riders Over East – the Graetz family, National Pony Show – WA winners



Special 5 page feature – Starting The Young Horse.

What do you do about starting the youngster? Leading breakers share their tips in this informative special on starting the young horse which covers when, how, who and how long the process could take.

WA Show Scene Online

Visit  http://www.washowscene.com.au/ for more WA  equestrian event coverage. New shows added recently include Wilga Endurance, Mayanup Campdraft, Gidge Dressage and WAQHA Championships

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