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Hoofbeats December 2016 /January 2017


This year has been one of highs and lows for equestrians with a number of events and incidents drawing the attention of the wider community. The equestrian action at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics undoubtedly showcased the best of the FEI disciplines to a massive audience.

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Hoofbeats October/November 2016

Hoofbeats October/November 2016

Well, after a four year wait the Rio Olympics and Paralympics have come and gone. The time difference between Australia and Rio resulted in plenty of late nights, but it was well worth it to watch the Olympic disciplines and the Aussies take home the

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PRESS RELEASE – New Fall Safety Training to Reduce Rider Injury Risk at 2016 Scone Horse Trials

In an effort to reduce fall injuries in horse sports, including the risk of catastrophic injury, a fall safety initiative is being offered to riders aged 8 and over at the 2016 Scone Horse Trials in the Hunter Valley from

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Hoofbeats Magazine August/September 2016

Just days after this issue’s publication the world’s largest sporting event will be kicking off in Rio de Janeiro. Gone are the days when being glued to the tv was the only way to watch the irregular coverage of the Olympic equestrian events. With multiple digital

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Hoofbeats 2016 June/July issue

    The countdown is on with just two months to go until the Olympics, which run from 5-21 August, and just over three months until the Paralympics, (7-18 September), undoubtedly the biggest sporting events in the world. We know equestrian fans will be hoping not only that

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Why You Need to Market Your Equine Business?

At Archer Creative, we’ve seen it time and time again. When times get tough, sales run slow and expenses remain stable, many equine businesses give marketing and advertising the axe. Too often, marketing and advertising are the first thing to

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Keeping Horses Safe, Calm and Comfortable in Confined Spaces

When horses are held in confined spaces such as stables, wash bays, veterinary hospitals or floats, they are at an increased risk of injury due to contact with surrounding surfaces. Horses have a tendency to kick out when feeling threatened

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Having trouble finding genuine buyers?

We know how hard it is to sell your horse. Apart from the emotional trauma of the sale, finding genuine buyers is next hardest thing. Advertising your horse is an art. We think that advertising falls into two categories ‘stable’

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Marketing Your Stallion: Five Fundamentals

By Sophie Barrington, Founder, Archer Creative As breeding season begins, it’s time to review how you market your stallion. This means not only promoting your stallion during the peak of breeding season, but how you plan to market your stallion

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Hoofbeats April May 2016 Issue On Sale Now!

It was not an easy job…but someone had to do it!! Narrowing down the selection of photos from the Hoofbeats annual Foal Brag competition to include in the magazine is always a challenge as there are just so many lovely photos. This year proved particularly tough with

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