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Keeping Horses Safe, Calm and Comfortable in Confined Spaces

When horses are held in confined spaces such as stables, wash bays, veterinary hospitals or floats, they are at an increased risk of injury due to contact with surrounding surfaces. Horses have a tendency to kick out when feeling threatened

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Having trouble finding genuine buyers?

We know how hard it is to sell your horse. Apart from the emotional trauma of the sale, finding genuine buyers is next hardest thing. Advertising your horse is an art. We think that advertising falls into two categories ‘stable’

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Marketing Your Stallion: Five Fundamentals

By Sophie Barrington, Founder, Archer Creative As breeding season begins, it’s time to review how you market your stallion. This means not only promoting your stallion during the peak of breeding season, but how you plan to market your stallion

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Hoofbeats April May 2016 Issue On Sale Now!

It was not an easy job…but someone had to do it!! Narrowing down the selection of photos from the Hoofbeats annual Foal Brag competition to include in the magazine is always a challenge as there are just so many lovely photos. This year proved particularly tough with

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How to Add Value to Your Horse Property

When planning and designing your horse property, what’s most important is evaluating its future re-sale value. Whether you are operating a horse business or keeping horses for leisure, the most sought after horse properties are developed with careful forethought. This

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Hoofbeats February/March 2016 issue – On sale now

Few Australians would be unaware of the massive bush fires that have devastated communities across several Australian states this summer. It’s been a terrible few months with a record breaking early season heat wave and hundreds of property and stock losses in Victoria, SA, WA, and

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Living the Horse

Having horses in our lives is a passion like no other (well it seems that way to horse lovers!). Some of us are lucky enough to have a horse come into our lives that turns tradition on its head and forces us

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Hoofbeats December/January 2015

While the Christmas period can be a time of stress for some and with recent tragic events in Paris and reminders of troubles around the world, it’s good to know research has indicated that time spent with horses can have

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Advertising Packages – The best equestrian value on the net…

Cavalletti Equestrian Advertising has been around a long time, 17 years in fact. 5 years longer than Facebook, 7 years longer than Twitter and 12 years longer than Snapchat but Generation Z knows no other way of getting the word out. They have

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Hoofbeats October/November issue – On Sale NOW!

As the warm Spring weather around the country allows for more riding time and ideal conditions to catch up on chores that may have built up around the property over winter, it makes sense to ensure that you’re using your

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