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Skin Irritations in the Horse + Win a tub of ‘Itch-Free’ herbal blend

flies can cause skin irritations in horses

Many owners find Spring and Summer to be challenging times for managing horses with skin conditions. Joanne Wallace from Thompson & Redwood explains how herbs may assist in keeping irritated horses more comfortable. Read on for more information and the

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Hoofbeats Magazine: October/November 2017

Inside the October/November issue of Hoofbeats The Road to Recovery  Victorian dressage competitor Renee Pedretti’s path towards a successful career as a rider and trainer has taken a few unexpected turns along the way. Her candid story highlights some of the challenges

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Banish the Bounce: Sports Bras for Equestrians

sports bras for equestrians

All over the world, female riders are finding that “fun bags” are not so fun as you’re sitting the trot with vet-wrapped, double bra-d chests a-heaving. So, Cavalletti Equine Marketplace and iVideo Production accepted the mission to stamp out crimes

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Hoofbeats April/May – Out Now!

THE ANGRY SUMMER?! As cooler conditions arrive this Autumn it will be a welcome relief for horse owners after periods of extreme heat and above average temperatures over many areas on the east and south-east coast that was followed by torrential rains, and a

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Five tips to keep you and your horse clean when showing

Staying clean when owning a horse seems to be an impossible task. We have all learned to have our “horse clothes” which are strictly for when we are around the horses. These clothes get spat on, rubbed on and God

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Facebook: Policing the policy regarding the sale of horses

The equestrian world was left reeling last week as Facebook commenced enforcing a ban on horse advertising under the rules of its Commerce Policy. The policy – which prohibits the sale of animals on Facebook – has been in effect

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Hoofbeats February/March 2017

Hoofbeats February/March 2017

With the Christmas and New Year break fading from our memories and summer conditions affecting our horse’s management and riding routines, there are those who are fortunate enough to live close to the coast that are able to make the most

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Hoofbeats December 2016 /January 2017


This year has been one of highs and lows for equestrians with a number of events and incidents drawing the attention of the wider community. The equestrian action at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics undoubtedly showcased the best of the FEI disciplines to a massive audience.

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Hoofbeats October/November 2016

Hoofbeats October/November 2016

Well, after a four year wait the Rio Olympics and Paralympics have come and gone. The time difference between Australia and Rio resulted in plenty of late nights, but it was well worth it to watch the Olympic disciplines and the Aussies take home the

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PRESS RELEASE – New Fall Safety Training to Reduce Rider Injury Risk at 2016 Scone Horse Trials

In an effort to reduce fall injuries in horse sports, including the risk of catastrophic injury, a fall safety initiative is being offered to riders aged 8 and over at the 2016 Scone Horse Trials in the Hunter Valley from

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