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Love a good horse book? Cavalletti reviews five fiction series’ for equestrians

The Eventing Series (3 Book Series) Kindle Edition by Natalie Keller Reinert

I love ‘real’ books. I have a library of heavy, dog-eared physical books and I have previously worked as a publicist for a publishing company producing gorgeous, jacketed texts. So, it took a few years for me to convert over

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Christmas Stocking Fillers for Perth Equestrians

Getaway to Brookleigh

Every horse owner dreams about getting some kind of equestrian gift for Christmas, right? So if you’d like your loved ones to take the hint and stuff your stocking with the kind of pressie you’ll actually use, send them this

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Banish the Bounce: Sports Bras for Equestrians

sports bras for equestrians

All over the world, female riders are finding that “fun bags” are not so fun as you’re sitting the trot with vet-wrapped, double bra’d chests a-heaving. So, Cavalletti Equine Marketplace and iVideo Production accepted the mission to stamp out crimes

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