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Hoofbeats October/November issue – On Sale NOW!

As the warm Spring weather around the country allows for more riding time and ideal conditions to catch up on chores that may have built up around the property over winter, it makes sense to ensure that you’re using your

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Hoofbeats August/September 2015 Issue


There’s now just twelve months to go until the Rio Olympics and Australia’s leading equestrian competitors have their sights firmly fixed on being selected to the Australian team. When members of each of the equestrian teams are finally announced in 2016, there’s little doubt that many

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Hoofbeats Magazine June/July 2015 issue

The June/July issue sees part two of our series on Hobby to Business with a number of small business owners sharing their experiences. With more than two million small businesses in Australia, the equestrian sector certainly has its fair share of enterprising individuals running their own

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Snippets of Science from Red Light Therapy

We asked Sue Poole, founder of Red Light Therapy kits, about Red Light Therapy and it’s benefits for your horse. Sue Poole is the founder and director of Red Light Therapy Kits. She completed a degree in Physical Education and

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